50/50 goes Mahi fishing

You don’t see many bay boats trolling for Mahi here out of Port Canaveral because of the long run that has to be made to reach the depths where Mahi are, this day the 50/50 did. The 50/50 is a 22′ Pathfinder “Tournament Edition”, when the conditions are flat and the Mahi are running, we will make that run to go and get some. First we tried to troll about 25 miles out and got 2 knock downs landing one and losing the other, after hours of trolling with not alot of action, we headed to a bottom spot where we would drop jigs for grouper. Drifting along the structure we come across 2 Dolphin, a Bull and a Cow. Scrambling for baits to throw at them, I got the cow to eat a D.O.A TerrorEyz but after shortly coming unbuttoned we hook up again with a live threadfin that we sabiki’d earlier that morning. We kept the Cow in the water to keep the Bull hanging around but he wouldn’t eat any of our offerings. I then decided to grab my lighter rod with a lighter leader and tied on a smaller hook then put a lively threadfin on it. Once that that bait hit the water, the Bull jumped on it and started giving us a show. I hand the rod to Danny and raced for my camera to take some shots of the action.

Here is the fish caught earlier in the day while trolling…

After the Mahi action we decided to go look for some Cobia. Cobia fishing has definitely slowed down a bit but we did manage to catch 3 fish about 30lbs each.

-Capt. Willy Le

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