July Report

The month of July is a good month for nearshore fishing. With calm mornings and flat seas you can expect to see lots of rolling Tarpon along the beaches along with schools of Big Jack Crevalle and sometimes the big schools of breeder redfish that show up this time of year. Cobia is also a good target in July, not as good as the Spring run but it is possible to catch your limit. This past Saturday I fished with my brother, Danny and Etienne. We tried for Tarpon for a quick minute, seeing them roll but non of them were interested in our baits. We then made a run to some Cobia spots catching 3, and we also ran upon a huge school of breeder Redfish that all 4 of us instantly hooked up on. Bait of choice for the Redfish and Cobia was a D.O.A. Swimming Mullet in Pearl/Green Back.

Inshore Fishing has been great in the Mosquito Lagoon. The fish I’ve been on are really shallow and swimming around with their backs out of the water. The bigger fish have been schooled up on the edges of flats. The trout bite has been on fire in all 3 Lagoon systems, fishing around bait pods in deeper flats is the key. The Snook have been making a good comeback further South in the Indian River, both big and small Snook can be caught on certain flats, jetties and docks. D.O.A. Shad Tail CALS on a 1/4oz. Jighead or a D.O.A. Shrimp worked real slow should do the trick for all 3 species.

Kevin and Joe from Arkansas booked a Mosquito Lagoon trip with me on the 4th. They had lots of shots at big tailing Redfish but couldn’t get them to eat, they did stay busy on some trout and smaller redfish. They had a great time just seeing Redfish, native birds and Alligators up close, catching fish was a bonus.

-Capt. Willy Le

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