April 2014 – Space Coast Fishing Report

This months fishing has been up and down in the Space Coast area lately. With late cold fronts moving in and a lot of windy days, the fish have not been acting like they should be this time of year. One Day the fishing is hot, the next day it’s not. Hopefully the weather pattern will be more consistent soon and the fish will be happy fish again.

Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, and Banana River still have plenty of fish around, but as stated above, they have been here one day and somewhere else the next. The best way I’ve been finding Redfish and Sea Trout is to fish areas with plenty of mullet, which most of you already know. The topwater bite early in the morning has been good, and when the sun gets a little higher make the switch to a weedless jerkbait or shadtail for better results while sightfishing. On the fly rod, I have crab and shrimp patterns tied on that have been getting the bites.

Fly anglers Miles and his dad Bud from Georgia joined me on one of those better days in the Mosquito Lagoon, they had plenty of shots at laid up and cruising Redfish, getting a few fish to bite and only landing one of the smaller ones. This was the 1st Lagoon trip for Miles, so this fish is a little special.
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing

Oliver and his buddy came down for Spring Break and had a fun day catching redfish and sea trout using D.O.A. Shadtails on a windy Mosquito Lagoon day.
Mosquito Lagoon redfish
Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout

Louis invited his dad Brian down from Connecticut for his 1st saltwater fly fishing experience. The winds was blowing way too hard for the Mosquito Lagoon flats so we tucked in the back country for some snook and tarpon action. Had a few tarpon bites but never came tight, small snook and jacks were keeping them busy.
Indian River snook on fly

Scott and Paul got some good eats on the fly rod this windy day in the Lagoon but none came tight. They did have some fun on the spins rods though.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing

Dave from Vero Beach with his biggest redfish to date caught in the Mosquito Lagoon using a “Gold Rush” D.O.A. Shadtail.
Mosquito Lagoon guide

Indian River Redfish

Trevor from Philadelphia sight fished some nice Sea Trout and Redfish using D.O.A. Shadtails in the Indian River Lagoon
Indian River Sea Trout
Indian River Redfish

Sergio from New York takes his family to Florida every year to enjoy a week of Disney World. One or two of those days, Sergio comes to visit me in the Mosquito Lagoon. This year he brought his son Jacob one of the days so Jake can catch his 1st Redfish. Mission accomplished, a happy kid and a proud father! Jacob even got to watch the Atlas V rocket launch when we got back to the ramp.
Mosquito Lagoon redfish guide
Mosquito Lagoon guides

Day 2 – Sergio on the bow with a fly rod for a 1/2 day while son Jake is at Magic Kingdom with mom and sis. Great vacation for Sergio and his family, see you next year buddy!
Mosquito Lagoon fly guide
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing guide

Roley and Rick from Miami, FL. had lots of redfish and sea trout action using D.O.A. Shadtails. Here’s Roley with one of the bigger fish of the day.
Mosquito Lagoon guide

Now is the time that Tarpon in the Space Coast will be starting showing up. As it starts getting warmer and Summer approaches, it will only be getting better! This year will be involved in a Tarpon Genetics Recapture Study taking DNA swabs from every tarpon over 30″ that is boated on my boat. For more information on this study, visit: TarponGenetics@myFWC.com.
Mosquito Lagoon Tarpon guide

– Capt. Willy Le

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