June Fishing Report 2014

While the redfish, Sea Trout and Black Drum bite remains good, the Tarpon fishing is on top of the list right now which is what I mainly focus on during the Summer months. Tarpon fishing with a fly rod is challenging but can be very rewarding once you get the bite. It definitely takes a lot of patience making lots of casts to rolling fish without getting a nibble, or even staking out and waiting a long time for the fish to come into casting range. There are tricks to enticing a Tarpon to track the fly and then eating it. Presentation, and fly placement are the main key as well as quick casting and distance. When targeting the laid up fish, a good pair of Amber or copper polarized lens will help see the fish laying up just beneath the surface especially in the stained waters in my area. I use RCI Optics with a Copper SRG lens www.rcioptics.com.

Here are some photos and stories of my clients for the month of June.

Regular client Chip Watson from Vero Beach, FL. just took on fly fishing at the beginning of this year. After some quick instruction on how to feed the juvenile Tarpon that we were on, Chip got his first Tarpon on fly.
Mosquito Lagoon Tarpon guide

A couple weeks later, Chip returned and caught his first Redfish on fly along with a few others.
Indian River Lagoon Redfish
Fly fishing Indian River Lagoon

Leslie from Titusville, FL. got her biggest redfish to date on a D.O.A. Lures Shadtail.
Mosquito Lagoon redfish florida sports woman

Riccardo came all the way from Panama with his family to visit Disney World but he arrived a day early to fish with me hoping to catch his 1st Redfish on fly which he did, he also jumped some tarpon along the way.
Mosquito Lagoon Tarpon guide
fly fishing for tarpon
Mosquito lagoon redfish guide

David from Merritt Island, FL. had a great day sight fishing Redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon using D.O.A. Shadtails.
Mosquito Lagoon guides
Cocoa Beach guides
Orlando flats fishing guides

Adam from Rockledge, FL. got 2 days of good backcountry Tarpon action.
Tarpon guide Cocoa Beach
Tarpon guide Mosquito Lagoon
Tarpon guide Sebastian
Tarpon fly fishing guide

Josh from Lake Mary, FL. got his first Tarpon on fly.
Mosquito Lagoon Tarpon
Cocoa Beach Tarpon fishing
fly fishing for Tarpon

Tom from New Smyrna Beach, FL. with a Black Drum caught on a D.O.A. Softshell Crab
Mosquito Lagoon Black Drum

Of course sometimes I do get to fish while scouting out some areas to take clients the following days.
fly fishing for Tarpon
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish on fly
Mosquito lagoon fly fishing guide
Snook on fly
Indian River fly fishing
fly fishing for Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout

This Summer has started out great for sight fishing with the water still clean and the fish being plentiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog, til next month!

Capt. Willy Le

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