Bair’s Lodge – S. Andros, Bahamas 2021

As some of you already know, I host trips annually to Bair’s Lodge located in South Andros Island, Bahamas. This years trip was a blast, just like the others. I really enjoy spending time with all the guests that come along on this journey.

There’s never a dull moment from when we wake up at 6:30am for coffee, have breakfast together at 7:00am, hop on the skiffs at 8:00am, fish until 4:00pm, get back to the lodge and laugh about the fishing tales while having Rum drinks and appetizers, maybe slide in a game of corn hole while we wait for our 5 star dinner at 6:00pm prepared by chef Valentino, have more drinks with more laughter until we decide its time to go to bed, then wake up at 6:30am the next morning and do it all over again.

The trips I usually do are 4 nights and 3 full days of fishing with the best of the best bonefish guides on the Island in the best skiffs on the island which are 17′ Maverick HPX-V’s. These guides can smell bonefish coming from miles away and always in the best moods ever.

The staff back at the lodge are awesome! They are super friendly, and take good care of you like you are family. The managers Derek and Margaret do a great job at running the lodge and making sure that you have the best experience possible!

Shoot me an email if you would like to join me on any future trips to Bair’s Lodge. The lodge holds 12 guests (6 rooms, and 6 skiffs). First come, first serve, and feel free to invite some friends.

For more info email:

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February 2018 Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River Lagoon

Thanks for visiting the Native Fly Charters blog. This month, the fishing has been tough due to some extreme cold temperatures(for Florida). Some parts in Central Florida experienced fish kills, because they simply can’t tolerate the frigid water and could not escape to seek shelter in warmer water. Snook took a hard hit along with some large sea trout and a few tarpon, so its been a tough month for guides and anglers to find fish.

One species of fish that can tolerate the cold are Black Drum, and it has been a great month for them!

Ronnie and BJ both got their first Black Drum on fly

Brad, a regular from Colorado got in on some of the Drum action.

Barden from NYC

When things finally warmed up a bit, the birds came out and flats became alive.

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January 2018 Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 has been a great year for Native Fly Charters thanks to all my regulars and also new anglers that fished with me for the first time. Some of you experienced some excellent days of sight fishing and some of you had to experience days that weren’t all that great due to weather of just slow fishing, but that’s how it goes and I wish I can control that! Congrats to all of you that got your first Redfish, Tarpon, Snook, or Black Drum on fly this past year, and even some Inshore Slams and Grand Slams. I look forward to having everyone back on the bow again for 2018, hope you all have a great year! – Will

Here are some photographs of what went on in the last few months…

This was Hilary’s first time fly fishing in the salt. She adapted very well and was very persistent which paid off in a redfish/snook/trout slam! Yeah Hilary.

Some friends from the industry came in to town for the International ICast/IFTD trade show in Orlando, FL. After the show, they needed to wind down and enjoy a day on the water.
Kristen Mustad(Nautilus Fly Reels) and Oliver White(Bair’s Lodge and Abaco Lodge Bahamas)

Chris and Brooks cooling off on a hot Florida Summer day(Cortland Line)

Chip had some pretty good days with me this year…

Scott from Indiana hopped out with a 6wt and snuck up to a snook laying under the mangroves.

Chanan came down from NYC to tug on some big fish. Summer time is a good time to come down and target big redfish and tarpon off the beach.

Summer is also a great time for the juvenile tarpon inshore

…and a good time for big snook…

…but watch those storms!

A few of my favorite shots…

– Capt. Willy Le

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May 2017 Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing Report

Greetings to all my friends and anglers.  This has been an excellent year for sight fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon.  The water has finally cleaned up very nicely and the fish seem to be pretty happy about it.

Right now, Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout, Black Drum, Tarpon and Jack Crevalle are what you can expect to catch out there with a well placed fly or artificial lure.

Here are some photos of recent trips

Martin from Oklahoma with his first ever snook that he sight fished along with a few more.

Jeff from Idaho got his first redfish and sheepshead on fly this day along with a few more.

Ed Zyak with a nice largemouth bass

Brandon making some great casts on a windy day

Hilary from England had a great day slamming it on fly

Jeff and his son enjoying a great day of sight fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon

Marine artist Brad Mcminn had a pretty good day casting at tailing redfish and laid up trout

Ed Zyak putting on a clinic usung D.O.A. Lures

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Bair’s Lodge South Andros, Bahamas

Back in March I went to the Bahamas with the crew from Maverick Boat Company to relax and catch some bonefish.  We stayed in a lodge in South Andros called Bair’s Lodge.  This was my first trip to the Bahamas and it was definitely what I expected and then some.

The staff at Bair’s Lodge were super friendly and helpful, the rooms were clean and comfortable, and the food was five star.  All the guides were hard working and knew what they were doing.  The skiffs are new 2017 Maverick 17HPX-V2 rigged simple, comfortable and clean, and the fishing was insane!  I knew I would see a bunch of bonefish, but I didn’t think there would be that many.

I wish I could think of something bad that I could say about my experience but I can’t.  I highly recommend going and staying at either Bair’s Lodge on South Andros Island or Abaco Lodge on Abaco Island.  Visit or for more info.

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report January 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to the Native Fly blog/fishing report for the East Central region of Florida. It’s been a very busy few months and into the new year for me. Fishing has been pretty good, even in the worst weather conditions. Water clarity has been cleaning up very well since Hurricane Matthew and water levels are down the normal depths this time of year which makes great sight fishing opportunities.

Redfishing has been excellent with lots of tailing activity, shrimp and crab patterns are working well with this behavior but then again, when they are tailing, they pretty much eat anything you throw at them if they can see it.

Seatrout have been showing up in pretty good numbers. They’ve been difficult to find for the past few months, but with the cleaner water and cooler temperatures, I’m starting to see more on the flats.

Black Drum have been pretty plentiful on the flats as well, but hey are usually around for a short while until they get hammered, then they move on.

Austin and Matt started off the first day of 2017 with beautiful weather and great sight fishing opportunities!
Mosquito Lagoon Fly Fishing
Redfish on fly

Ken from Stuart, FL. caught his first Redfish on fly this day, and later on caught a few more.
Fly Fish Mosquito Lagoon
Fly Fish Cocoa Beach

Chip, a regular client from Vero Beach, FL. brought along his friend Riker for his first Mosquito Lagoon experience. Lots of good tailing action this day.
Redfish on fly
Mosquito Lagoon guide
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish on Fly

Charlie and son Bo had perfect conditions for tailing redfish
Merritt Island Fly Fishing Guide
Maverick HPX-V
Doa Lures redfish

Another regular, Tom from Melbourne, FL. had a great day!
Sebastian Fly Fishing
Fly fish Sebastian Inlet
Fly Fish Palm Bay

Matthew from Virginia was pretty pumped about his first Seatrout and Redfish on fly.
Seatrout on fly
Merritt Island Fly fishing

Steve and Joel from Canada
Port Canaveral fly fishing
Cape Canaveral Fly fishing

Ron and Art from Virginia sight casting them using 3″ D.O.A Shadtails
Redfishing guide
Florida Redfish guide
Florida Redfish

Slick conditions and tailing fish for Ed from California
Florida fly fishing
fly fishing in florida
fly fishing in brevard county

A windy day for Chad from Ohio, but that didn’t stop him from catching a few on fly.
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing guide

Regular client Martin from South Carolina battled some wind to catch a few on ultra light spin tackle
Banana River redfishing
Banana River Sea Trout

Amazing day for Mark from Port St. Lucie, FL. Conditions were right to run the beach, and the last minute decision paid off with Marks biggest tarpon on fly and also getting some shots at big schools of black drum but they were not in the mood to eat when we got on them.
black drum cocoa beach
mosquito lagoon tarpon guide
cocoa beach tarpon on fly
fly fishing for tarpon in cocoa beach

Nate and Austin making some great casts at single and grouped up tailing fish.
Indian River Lagoon fly fishing
Fly fishing orlando florida
Cocoa Beach fly fishing guide

Jon on some Black Drum
Cocoa Beach black drum on fly
Fly fishing for black Drum
nautilus fly reels
black drum on fly cocoa beach

Redfish action shots…
tailing redfish
redfish tail
mosquito lagoon tailing redfish
redfish action

Capt. Willy Le

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May-July Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River/Banana River

Well, I did it again and slacked on updating my monthly blogs. So here’s May, June, and July in a nut shell. Sight fishing for Redfish, Tarpon, and Sea Trout has been good to excellent! I’ll let the photos do all the talking.
sea trout on fly
mosquito lagoon sea trout
mosquito lagoon fly fishing
willy le
native fly charters
tailing redfish
mosquito lagoon redfish
mosquito lagoon guide
cocoa beach fly fishing
sebastian inlet fly fishing
cocoa beach fly fishing
orlando fly fishing guide
tarpon on fly
merritt island fly fishing
mosquito lagoon tarpon
mosquito lagoon guides
cocoa beach tarpon
cocoa beach tarpon guide
tarpon fishing

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April 2016 Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report

Sorry, I’ve been slacking hard on my monthly blogs.  It’s been a busy start of the year for me with charters and my 2 little ones running/crawling circles around me.  I’m back on track now and with good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we had a massive fish kill in the Indian/Banana River Lagoon a few weeks ago due to Brown tide/Algae Blooms.  It was a major one stretching from Port Canaveral down to Melbourne area killing millions of fish including our favorite game fish like Redfish, Sea Trout, Black Drum, Snook, and Tarpon.
photo were taken from the web:

This video by Dylan Hansen explains it best, please take a look at it if you have the time:

The good news is that this brown tide/algae bloom did not effect the Mosquito Lagoon or northern parts of the Indian River. Fishing up there remains good and water quality is improving a bit but we are not out of the woods yet. This massive fish kill got the attention of the media nationwide and is an eye opener for recreational fisherman, guides, residents, and visitors. Hopefully things will be done to help prevent this from happening again. If you watched the video above, it has some good information on where to start and what we can do to help prevent another massive fish kill.

Moving on to the fishing report. This month has been EXCELLENT for sight fishing. I have been fishing an area in the Indian River with clean sand flats that hold big Sea Trout, Redfish cruising shorelines, snook in the mangroves, big jacks busting in the deeper water, and bonnethead sharks that are willing to take a fly.

Mosquito Lagoon has also been good this month. Lots of shots at redfish in very shallow water putting your finesse casting skills to the test.

Scouting days are always fun with friends..
photo credit: Dominic Agostini
fly fishing for sharks
native fly charters
sebastian fly fishing guide
Dominic can catch fish on fly too:
snook on fly

Zach from Georgia got to feel the real power from a Jack Crevalle on his 8wt.
Jack Crevalle on fly

Regulars Brian and his wife Allison from Connecticut joined me for 2 days of perfect sight fishing conditions. Always fun having these two on the skiff.
cape canaveral fly fishing
port canaveral fly fishing
cocoa beach fly fishing
orlando fly fishing
mosquito lagoon fly fishing
sebastian inlet fly fishing

Alex and Brandon from Maine chose a day where the winds were blowing a stiff 20-25mph. We had to hide behind high trees where we were greeted with plenty of shots at fish.
orlando fly fishing guide
merritt island fly fishing guide
palm bay fly fishing guide
port canaveral fly fishing guide
cape canaveral fly fishing guide

…and here are some flying spinner sharks just for fun.

I’ll try to stay on top of my blog game from now on, again I apologize for slacking. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy the outdoors!

Capt. Willy Le

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March 2016 Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River Lagoon

Almost caught up on the office work, so this is the last quick photo recap of this months catch, next month will be a full report.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Rob decided he wanted to take his chance on Cobia fishing off the beach in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a slow day, only had 1 shot at Cobia and 1 triple tail, was super nice out there so we had to try it.
fly fishing for cobia
triple tail on fly

Dave from Palm Bay, FL. picked a tough day to fish the Mosquito lagoon with bad water clarity. Few fish were caught.
mosquito lagoon redfish

I’d say that Bob had a great day this day considering that it was his first time fishing in saltwater. He got a nice redfish on spin tackle and a giant black drum on fly.
big redfish
sebastian inlet fly fishing
black drum on fly
black drum fly fishing

Christer from Sweden wanted to catch his first Tarpon on fly while in FL. He landed 2 out of 6 on Tarpon and got a few Sea trout.
sea trout on fly
fly fishing for tarpon
cocoa beach tarpon
mosquito lagoon tarpon on fly

Jack from Stuart, FL. with a nice sight fished snook on fly
fly fishing for snook

Tom from Oregon didn’t get any tarpon to the boat but jacks kept him busy.
fly fishing for jack crevalle

Nicole from Canada had Tarpon on her mind, she landed her tarpon and got a nice snook as well.
fly fishing for snook
tarpon on fly

Nick from D.C. with a healthy Mosquito Lagoon Redfish.
sebastian fly fishing

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February 2016 Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River Lagoon

Trying to catch up on office work so this is just a quick photo recap of this months catches.

Joe from Connecticut with some beautiful Mosquito Lagoon redfish caught on D.O.A. Lures and Fly.
port canaveral fly fishing
cape canaveral fly fishing guide

Martin from South Carolina
cape canaveral redfish
Mosquito Lagoon sea trout

Mike had a great day on the Mosquito Lagoon, he was even greeted by a Bald Eagle.
sebastian inlet fly fishing
cocoa beach fly fishing
mosquito lagoon fly fishing
mosquito lagoon bald eagle

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