“During a recent business trip to Kennedy Space Center, I was lucky enough to hook up with Capt. Willy Le for a day on the water. I have taken many guided trips over the years and I must say that Willy worked harder than any guide on my previous trips. He put us on the fish, provided some great pictures and was fun to be around. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to fish in the Cocoa Beach or Merritt Island area.”
W. Cleek
Houston, TX

“I have fished all over the world and Capt Willy Le is by far the hardest working guide I have ever fished with. He is dedicated to the sport and is very talented. I really enjoyed my two days on the water fishing with Willy. Thanks Buddy!”
-Panos G.

“I had 2 goals when I talked to Willy and booked my trip with him. The last time I was in Florida, I fished the Indian River and never caught a sea trout. So, that was my first must do this time, since I didn’t even know what they looked like. The second was to go tarpon fishing, just assuming I would land one. HAHaaaaa!!!

I was so lucky to have Willy Le to truly guide me to learn how to land a tarpon. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I could never have done this without his continual instruction.

I jumped much larger tarpon but didn’t land them because of too much slack or not enough slack (not bowing to the jumping tarpon). I also had so many bites I missed due to not strip setting – lessons learned. Thank goodness it finally came together.

My sea trout catch was amazing!!! WOW!!! My heart was beating like crazy when I saw her size. I kept praying not too much pressure, but enough pressure, don’t let this break, please let me have set the hook well enough to not shake loose. She put up a great fight. When I finally saw her out of the water, I couldn’t believe how I was struck with how crazy gorgeous this fish is!! Ended this memorable trip with Willy saying last cast before we beat the storm in and I caught a nice little sea trout that couldn’t hold a candle to the pig, but still beautiful.

Willy, GREAT trip!!! Call him, you will have a fabulous time – no doubt!!!”
-Mamie Sheen

“You’re a good guide”
Gavin Greathouse
Daytona Beach, FL.

“Having lived in Florida for the last 15 years it was truly a privilege to be able to see my father, brother, and uncle have such a great time fishing, not to mention to have personally had the best day of fishing in my life in regards to numbers and overall largest redfish ever.”
-Neil McKenzie
Jacksonville, FL.

“You are one of the best guides I have ever fished with and I have fished with a bunch. I will definitely be calling you again. Thanks again man!”
Matt Briggle
Miami, FL

“Capt. Willy is an incredible fisherman, photographer and guide. He knows those waters well and can spot a redfish from damn near a country mile away.”
Josh Letchworth
Orlando, FL

“Flats fishing with Native Fly Charters is the best! Who could imagine catching red fish, sea trout and black drum all in the same eco system. Don’t be surprised if hundreds of black drum suddenly start to serenade and within seconds you’re on the tail of a 30 pound red in two feet of water. This happened to me!”
-Andy S.
Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve been fishing the waters of Florida since 1975 and have not had a better fishing trip ever than the one lead by Capt. Willy Le. We caught red fish until we were tired of catching fish. Capt. Willy provided us with insight and skill that are unsurpassed in all of my guided fishing experiences. Capt. Willy is a pleasure to spend the day with and provided us with great photos for lasting memories of our day on the water. I plan to take many future fishing trips with Capt. Willy Le.”
-Mike Underwood
Ormond Beach, FL.

If you have fished with Capt. Willy Le and would like to share your experience on the water with him, please feel free to send him an email at nativeflycharters@gmail.com

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