Bair’s Lodge – S. Andros, Bahamas 2021

As some of you already know, I host trips annually to Bair’s Lodge located in South Andros Island, Bahamas. This years trip was a blast, just like the others. I really enjoy spending time with all the guests that come along on this journey.

There’s never a dull moment from when we wake up at 6:30am for coffee, have breakfast together at 7:00am, hop on the skiffs at 8:00am, fish until 4:00pm, get back to the lodge and laugh about the fishing tales while having Rum drinks and appetizers, maybe slide in a game of corn hole while we wait for our 5 star dinner at 6:00pm prepared by chef Valentino, have more drinks with more laughter until we decide its time to go to bed, then wake up at 6:30am the next morning and do it all over again.

The trips I usually do are 4 nights and 3 full days of fishing with the best of the best bonefish guides on the Island in the best skiffs on the island which are 17′ Maverick HPX-V’s. These guides can smell bonefish coming from miles away and always in the best moods ever.

The staff back at the lodge are awesome! They are super friendly, and take good care of you like you are family. The managers Derek and Margaret do a great job at running the lodge and making sure that you have the best experience possible!

Shoot me an email if you would like to join me on any future trips to Bair’s Lodge. The lodge holds 12 guests (6 rooms, and 6 skiffs). First come, first serve, and feel free to invite some friends.

For more info email:

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