January 2018 Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 has been a great year for Native Fly Charters thanks to all my regulars and also new anglers that fished with me for the first time. Some of you experienced some excellent days of sight fishing and some of you had to experience days that weren’t all that great due to weather of just slow fishing, but that’s how it goes and I wish I can control that! Congrats to all of you that got your first Redfish, Tarpon, Snook, or Black Drum on fly this past year, and even some Inshore Slams and Grand Slams. I look forward to having everyone back on the bow again for 2018, hope you all have a great year! – Will

Here are some photographs of what went on in the last few months…

This was Hilary’s first time fly fishing in the salt. She adapted very well and was very persistent which paid off in a redfish/snook/trout slam! Yeah Hilary.

Some friends from the industry came in to town for the International ICast/IFTD trade show in Orlando, FL. After the show, they needed to wind down and enjoy a day on the water.
Kristen Mustad(Nautilus Fly Reels) and Oliver White(Bair’s Lodge and Abaco Lodge Bahamas)

Chris and Brooks cooling off on a hot Florida Summer day(Cortland Line)

Chip had some pretty good days with me this year…

Scott from Indiana hopped out with a 6wt and snuck up to a snook laying under the mangroves.

Chanan came down from NYC to tug on some big fish. Summer time is a good time to come down and target big redfish and tarpon off the beach.

Summer is also a great time for the juvenile tarpon inshore

…and a good time for big snook…

…but watch those storms!

A few of my favorite shots…

– Capt. Willy Le

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