Black Drum is one of my favorite seasonal fish to target.  Here’s a video of combined footage from 2014 of clients and friends chasing Black Drum with me.

Pursuit of Black Drum from Willy Le on Vimeo.

A short clip of fly angler Nicole Goerlitz from Canada that I put together from a day of redfishing.

Native Fly Kwik Klips with Nicole Goerlitz from Willy Le on Vimeo.

I get a lot of people that ask me “what do you like to do when your not guiding?”. Most people think that since I am a full time fishing guide, the last thing I want to do is fish.

For some guides/captains yes, but for me and a handful of others, all we can think about is going fishing on our days off. It’s a great way for us to get in on the action on the pointy end of the boat. It’s also a great way to stay on top of the fish and know how they are acting for upcoming charters.

I made a short video of a day off with fellow Mosquito Lagoon guide Capt. Billy Rotne….enjoy!

Mosquito Lagoon Guides Day Off from Willy Le on Vimeo.

Flood Tide fly fishing in St. Augustine with my buddy Billy Rotne

Florida Flood Fly Fishing from Willy Le on Vimeo.

Space Coast Tarpon fishing in the backcountry with my buddy Rick Worman.

The search for Tarpon on the fly from Willy Le on Vimeo.

A Short video of when I took delivery of my new 2014 Maverick HPX-S.

Capt. Willy Le’s new Maverick HPX-S from Willy Le on Vimeo.

Fly Fishing for Tarpon – Cocoa Beach, FL.

Short clip of regular client John Kelly encountering a pod of tailing Redfish.

Mosquito Lagoon Tailing Redfish on the new 2013 Maverick HPX-Micro

This is a video edited by Sergio Diaz from NY. Sergio is a regular client, this day was the first time that he has booked a trip with me back in April of 2011. Little did we know that this normal day of Redfishing in the Mosquito Lagoon would land Sergio on the cover of the 2012 Florida Saltwater Recreational Fishing Regulations magazine. Here is how it all went down…

Panos G. from NYC sight casting to a nice Sea Trout with a fly rod!

Panos G. from NYC with a sight casting to a Mosquito Lagoon Redfish with a fly rod.

A big Space Coast Redfish on fly with Honson lau.

Indian River Lagoon Black Drum with Honson Lau.

Capt. Honson Lau of Purple Isle Fly Fishing down in Miami came up to fish the Mosquito Lagoon with me. Here is a video of one of the Redfish he caught out of 12 landed that day.

Dominic Agostini’s Mosquito Lagoon Redfish.

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