Buff Water Gloves/Full Moon Goon

I had a chance to field test Buff’s new Water Gloves while flyfishing the Mosquito Lagoon with Eddie Oliveras. I have been using the Buff Fighting/Work gloves when poling the skiff around but using them for fishing can be tough because of the leather palms making it too thick and less sensitive. Buff now came out with a new thinner glove called the water glove…these gloves are extremely comfortable even when wet, when landing fish, it makes it easier because of the rubber palms making it “grippier” but yet soft so there is no harm done to the fish, the gloves are also UPF 50 so they keep your hands protected from ultraviolet rays. I have nothing but good things to say about Buff’s Water Gloves, I am very impressed with them and can’t wait to see what else they will come out with in the future for the fishing industry. Look out for these gloves to hit the store soon!

Most fisherman do not like to fish during full moon periods, I have heard that during a full moon, the fish feed all night and will be too full to eat the next day. Well, the last few full moons that Eddie and I have fished together have been unusually good including this past full moon that we had recently. Last time we fished a full moon it was the best Black Drum fishing that I have ever witnessed, this time it was the Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. It could be that we have found a new unfished area. Due to higher water we were able to push the Maverick HPX-T over very shallow bars and into some really skinny creeks that are usually dry. These creeks led out to an open pond that was loaded with unspooky fish ready to eat anything in it’s path. This place I call “Escondido” (which means “hidden” or “secret” in spanish) is like a totally different world once you get out of the high mangrove lined creek into the open area on the otherside, everything looks so different compared to the rest of the lagoon system, the water was a different color, the land was different, and it was filled with life. We lost count of how many fish we caught that day on the flyrods but it was in the double digits for sure. At one point we got a little tired of catching them on fly and threw D.O.A Baitbusters at them just to watch the fish chase it down and devour it right before our eyes. The fishing kinda reminded me of how Louisiana Redfishing can be, you can pop the fish in the head with your fly without the fish spooking and he will chase it down and eat it! This day was by far the best day flyfishing that I had ever witnessed in the Mosquito Lagoon. Soon the water level will be too low to get back there so I will have to wait until we get long periods of rain to get to fish “Escondido” again.

-Capt. Willy Le

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