January 2014 Mosquito Lagoon Report

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for visiting NativeFlyCharters dot com! This year is going to a special one for all my regular clients and new. Starting this year, we will be deck out in a brand new new skiff by Maverick Boat Company. A 2014 17′ Maverick Mirage HPX-S powered by a Yamaha F70. This skiff is a bit bigger then my old Maverick HPX-T and has more deck space for the comfort of 2 anglers up on the bow. It rides incredibly soft and dry, but best of all, it will still get skinny to reach those belly crawling redfish that we get into in the Summer time. If you fish an area that requires a lot of shallow water running, the HPX-Tunnel is the perfect skiff, but if you are looking into running tight creeks and shallow water and still take on some open water chop, look into the HPX-Sub6. I’ve been running the demo HPX-S until my boat is done being built (which will be very soon) and I am nothing but excited to own one and rig it up for the “Native Fly” style of fishing! I’ll have more details and photos of the new HPX-S soon enough.

On to the fishing, the water has been pretty clear in all 3 lagoons. With the cooler temperatures, the fish have been feeding best late morning to afternoon. Redfish are schooled up and big Sea Trout are scattered around in the shallows soaking up the sun. Black Drum can also be found in a few areas. If you can find a day where the winds are not howling 20mph, these fish should be easy to find if you know where to look, but I do NOT recommend burning the flats to do so. The push pole is your best friend!

Scott Winstead from Michigan joined me for a fly fishing trip in the Mosquito Lagoon. It was an action packed day with lots of tailing and belly crawling redfish that were aggressively taking well placed flies. The new Maverick HPX-S demo boat is shown in the pictures.
Mosquito Lagoon HPX-S
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing
Moquito Lagoon guides
Scott had shots at some big Sea Trout but the one that fell for the fly was a nice medium sized one.
Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout on fly

Andre from Orlando, FL. loves to fish but does not get to go out enough. He had a much needed day of catching some over slot redfish this day in the Lagoon using D.O.A. CAL Shadtails rigged on a weedless OWNER Twistlock hook.
Cocoa Beach redfish
Cocoa Beach guides

Kershal Barfield from Stuart, FL. has been fishing with me for the last couple years on the day of his birthday with his dad, last year he got a big redfish, this year he caught a monster Seat Trout measuring at 29.5″ on a D.O.A. CAL Shadtail! Happy Birthday Kershel!
Mosquito Lagoon charters
Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout
Some redfish made it to the boat as well.
Cocoa Beach charters
Cocoa Beach guide

Of course I get to have some fun in between trips and catch a few along with my buddies!
Cocoa Beach fly fishing
mosquito lagoon charters
Mosquito Lagoon guide
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing

Thanks again for visiting the Native Fly blog, be sure to check back on updated reports and some detailed images of the new Maverick HPX-S!

– Capt. Willy Le

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