December 2015 Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River/Banana River Fishing Report

This month’s weather has been very weird for the time of year. Hot Summer-like conditions in December doesn’t help with the water clarity in the Mosquito Lagoon, North Indian River, or Banana River Lagoons and it also has the fish all confused with their seasonal patterns…I mean, I was still seeing tarpon on the flats which is rare in December!

The fishing has been hit or miss, fish have been moving around a lot on a daily basis and not really staying put in a general area. Redfish, Sea Trout, and Black Drum made their presence this month and were excellent targets on the fly, when the wind cooperated that is. Thankfully, as I write this blog, we are finally getting some cooler temperatures which should help clean up the water and put the fish in a better mood which makes me in a better mood.

Adam from Rockledge, FL. got out on one of the better day. Slicked out conditions made it easy to spot big redfish finning on the surface from a good distance. These fish weren’t that easy to feed a fly to this day, but this fish seemed to like how Adam presented the fly. This is Adam’s biggest redfish to date.
nautilus reels
Bull Red on fly
Big Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Ed from Atlanta, Ga. fed a few fish using topwater lures all day.
Indian River redfish

A windy day for Tom from New York. We had to tuck way back in the islands where he caught a mess of Sea Trout, a little redfish, and a couple black drum all on fly.
redfish on fly
black drum on fly
mosquito lagoon fly guide

First time saltwater fly fishing for Amanda from Colorado. She had some fun with Sea Trout and sight fished a nice Black Drum that broke her off on a mangrove halfway in the battle, which was a heartbreak….but Amanda never stopped smiling.
orlando fly fishing guide

I always enjoy having Brad from Colorado on the bow. I’ve watched and coached as he progressed as a fly angler. This day was a good one….lots of shots, lots of refusals, and lots of laughs.
cocoa beach fishing guides
banana river redfish guides
indian river guides
cocoa beach fly fishing guides
mosquito lagoon fly fishing guides

Paul from Portland Oregon caught his first Sea Trout and his first Redfish this day. He did a great job casting in the gusty winds.
cocoa beach fly fishing guide
sebastian fly fishing guide

My buddy Alex doesn’t get too much bow time…this day he did.
captain alex gorichky

Thanks to everyone who I have fished with for making 2015 a great year for Native Fly Charters! Also, thanks to all the companies that have supported me this year and I look forward to working together for years to come. I have some good stuff coming for 2016 including new camera gear that will produce some fancy images I think you all will enjoy so stay tuned for that in the next blog entry.

Also, I will be updating my website for a new look this year so keep an eye out for that…some changes have already been made in the main site.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!!!

Capt. Willy Le

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