June 2015 Fishing Report

Tarpon is on the top of the list for this month. It’s been a good Summer so far for these acrobatic fish. There’s been many first Tarpon on fly landed on my skiff so far this month from anglers all over the world. The ones that I’ve been consistently targeting in the lagoon systems are ranging from 10-30lbs and eating well place flies very well. Redfish are also plentiful on the flats along with some cruising sea trout.

Toby from Tampa, FL. usually fishes with bait. This day he wanted to try sight fishing with lures and found out out tough it can be spotting fish and making the right presentations. He did manage a few fish but definitely had a lot more opportunities.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Allen and his son Noah from Jacksonville having some quality father and son time.
mosquito lagoon redfish guide

Tim from Tampa, FL. with his first redfish caught on a D.O.A. Shadtail.
indian river redfish

Rich from Jacksonville, FL. with his first Tarpon on fly!
tarpon on fly

Bill from South Florida had shots at tarpon that were being uncooperative this day, but the redfish seemed to be happy.
fly fishing near orlando

Zach from Georgia with his first Tarpon on fly!
mosquito lagoon tarpon

Lee from South Carolina got in the water to snuggle up with his first Tarpon on fly.
cocoa beach tarpon

Gary from North Carolina had some fun with Tarpon and Redfish this day.
banana river tarpon guide
indian river tarpon guide
banana river tarpon
indian river redfish
mosquito lagoon guides

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Capt. Willy Le

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