July 2015 Fishing Report

Wow what a busy month! With the ICAST/IFTD Tradeshow being in Orlando again this year, it brings anglers and people in the tackle/lure industry from all around the globe. While they are in Orlando, of course they would like to try and fish new waters for a day. Since the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and Banana River Lagoon is the closest to Orlando, most guys and gals head my way so usually July gets pretty crazy for me. Its was great seeing everyone at the show and spending time on the water with the reps behind the companies I work with.

Earlier in the month we had some flat conditions to cruise the beaches in my Maverick 17HPX-V. This time of year we can find Tarpon ranging from 40-150lbs migrating along the beach along with Cobia, False Albacore, big Redfish, sharks, bluefish, Spanish Mackeral, and Jack Crevalle. This day I decided to poke off the beach with Kevin. We had a few shots at Tarpon but not many, He caught False Albacore on fly until his arms were sore, and later on found some big hungry redfish that were crushing the D.O.A. Baitbuster(trolling model).
Maverick Boats
False Albacore on fly
Cocoa Beach Redfish

Brian and his wife Allison from Connecticut joined me for a 2 day adventure in hopes of Brian catching his first Tarpon. Day 1 – Jumped a few but none to the boat, but Allison got her a nice Sea Trout on a D.O.A. SHadtail. Day 2 – Brian get his Tarpon first thing in the morning to take the pressure off the day. Then we look for Redfish which he got his first also, and to finish off the slam we go to a Sea Trout spot where he gets one on his first cast before the rain chased us off the water which is also his first. Great couple days for Brian and Allison, afterwards they went to Disney World.
tarpon on fly
mosquito lagoon seatrout
mosquito lagoon tarpon
flyfishng for redfish near orlando
cocoa beach fly fishing guides

Chris from Gainesville, FL. got his first Tarpon on fly on his 2nd or 3rd cast of the day, and jumped a few more afterwards.
mosquito lagoon fly fishing guide

Ken from New York down for family vacation at Disney World snuck in a few hours on the water. He also got his first Tarpon on fly.
Orlando fly fishing guide

John from California came to Orlando for business. Spent a day on the water to catch his first Tarpon on fly along with a nice Sea Trout.
cocoa beach fly fishing
mosquito lagoon tarpon on fly
mosquito lagoon sea trout on fly

Travis from Amelia Island, FL. got what he wanted for his birthday. His first Tarpon on fly which he worked super hard for.
Indian River fly fishing
Merritt ISland fly fishing

Belen and Vu from Shimano were the first from the ICast Tradeshow to fish with me. Redfish was the target since neither of them has ever caught one before, the bite was a little slow but Belens fish made up for it! For more info on Shimano rods and reels visit: SHIMANO or G.Loomis rods: G.LOOMIS
Mosquito lagoon redfish
mosquito lagoon redfish

The next day I have Mark and Chris from Patagonia. Had some Tarpon eats but none came to the boat, but a few Sea Trout were made famous. For more info on Patagonia gear visit: www.patagonia.com
patagonia fly fishing

After the ICast/IFTD show, I was honored to have Flip Pallot and the President of Nautilus Reels Kristen Mustad aboard. What a fun day of laughs, great company, and a little bit of fishing. Tarpon didn’t cooperate too much but the redfish did. Kristen was testing out a brand new reel he designed which won Best of Show Fresh and Saltwater at the ICast/IFTD Show. For more info on Nautilus Reels visit: www.nautilusreels.com
flip pallot fly fishing
flip pallot fly fishing
nautilus X reels fly fishing

The crew from Cortland Lines also joined us after the show. 3 boats and a group of fun dudes. Fishing was very slow, but that’s how fishing is. We did manage to get some filming done and got a chance to cast Cortland’s new line in the Liquid Crystal family called the “Guide Taper”. A line for quick loading but yet lands soft and can carry in the air…the seafoam green color is badass as well! For more info on Cortland Lines visit: www.cortlandline.com
Cortland lines
Cortland lines
Cortland Line

Earny from Surinam has only seen pictures of redfish on the internet or magazines. He finally got to catch one while he was in town for family vacation at Disney World.
Banana River redfish
Banana River Redfish

Logan from South Carolina got his first Tarpon on fly!
cocoa beach fly fishing
cocoa beach tarpon on fly

The Tarpon are still around and will continue to be around until the temperatures start falling usually late September/October. After that, the focus will be on Redfish, Sea Trout, and Black Drum.

Thanks for visiting NativeFlyCharters.com and hope to see you all soon!

Capt. Willy Le

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