Happy New Year! January 2015 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Happy New Year friends! I’d like to thank all of my customers, supporters, and readers for a fantastic year last year. I really appreciate everyone’s kind words about my photography, and the way I run my company. With that said, I plan on upgrading my camera equipment this year to give you even better images for future posts, publications, and “hero shots”. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff, on to the report.

Fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and Banana River Lagoon has been like a roller coaster ride, good one day and slow the next. A lot has to do with the weather conditions we’ve been having lately…also like a roller coaster, cold for a few days and Summertime hot the next. I think it’s getting the fish confused a little bit. On colder days when the wind isn’t blowing 100mph, the Sea Trout and Black Drum fishing has been good. On the hotter days it has been tough to find Sea Trout, but the Black Drum still stuck around along with reds. Fish have been hard to find in most cases, but when you do find them, make every shot count because who knows how many shots you will get or when the next one will be. I’m hoping this weather will be more consistent soon so these fish will be in a better feeding pattern.

John and Kevin from New Jersey joined me for a day in the Mosquito Lagoon. John was on the bow armed with a fly rod while Kevin was back up with the spinning rod. John had some shots at fish but didn’t connect, while Kevin was plucking off a few here and there.
Mosquito lagoon fishing guide
The next day, Kevin flew home and John had to bow all to himself. All he needed was a little alone time, jumping some tarpon in the morning(Tarpon in January?? Yes!), and casting at redfish when the sun was nice and high.
Tarpon on fly
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing

Lyle from Alberta, Canada is new to fly fishing. He joined me for a 1/2 while his family is on a Disney vacation mainly for a lesson on casting, fly presentation, and what to do when you get a bite. As a bonus, he caught a few little redfish.
cocoa beach fly fishing

Shawn from Virginia is also new to fly fishing, he learned very quickly and fed multiple redfish and sea trout this day.
Mosquito Lagoon fly fishing guide
Orlando fly fishing

Mark from Jacksonville shows off a nice Mosquito Lagoon redfish that was belly crawling in inches of water.
cocoa beach flats fishing guide

Justin got his drum fix on this day, landing a redfish, black drum, and several sea trout which are also in the drum family.
redfish on fly
black drum on fly

As always on my time off, I’m on the water looking for new areas and new fish. Here are photos of my days off with friends:

Some great tailing Black Drum action
tailing black drum
black drum tails
tailing black drum
mosquito lagoon black drum
nautilus reels
mosquito lagoon fly fishing guide
cocoa beach fly fishing guide

Here are a couple photos from talented photographer Patrick Ruddy of New Smyrna Beach. These photos along with a few others are featured in Fluid Magazine “The Fishing Issue”. One of my photos actually made the cover of this issue, you can check it out here Fluid Magazine Online “The Fishing Issue”
Fluid Magazine

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone has a great 2015!

Capt. Willy Le


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